Female Millionaire Code

Live workshop that teaches female entrepreneurs exactly how to unlock their millions with this simple 3M Method! Create true financial freedom, sanity, and happiness! 

Do It Yourself: 

  • Digital Product & Course Creation
  • Pinterest Marketing Strategies, Traffic, Paid Media

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Done With You:

  • Business Marketing Mentorship

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Done For You:

  • Pinterest Ad Agency

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Marketing Ingredients was created with you in mind. 

How to take the puzzle pieces and put them together so that they made sense to those getting started or wanting to create digital products to sell online. 

When I was a Chef at Walt Disney World, I was tasked with taking a kitchen recipe and simplifying it into an “anyone can make recipe”. In the kitchen, we weigh in pounds and ounces. We bake on sheet pans and hotel pans. We store items in 1/6th pans and 1/8th pans. 

We speak a very different language in the kitchen, one that does not always translate to home cooking. Like taking a recipe for 200 people and breaking it down for 4 people.

When I re-worked these recipes I always remind myself of what I would have at home if I wasn’t a professional chef. What did my non-culinary friends have in their kitchen?  How can I keep this simple and easy to follow...

...this training and thought process is what I bring to you today. Over the last decade, I’ve had the pleasure of working with TOP digital marketers and trainers. I've worked behind the scenes building out digital courses, $20K mentorship programs, training programs, affiliate launches, community engagement, and special live events.  

Today I bring to you my knowledge and simple recipe to turn any idea into a business. 

The goal is to keep it simple. To provide to you the marketing ingredients you need to have you succeed in launching and growing a business you love. It's Your Turn

Our mission is to support 10,000 entrepreneurs in bringing their idea to life.

Let’s grow and launch your business together!

A portion of each sale goes to supporting entrepreneurs from all over the world. We support and donate to Heifer International.