Accountability Kitchen June 3rd

Michelle Felicia
  • Chapter 1 - Sharing wins for the week.
  • Chapter 2 - Looking at Isabel's book cover in Canva and going through some features of Canva as well.
  • Chapter 3 - Looking at Deb's ebook cover in Canva and giving feedback to her pin designs as well.
  • Chapter 4 - How to add effects to your design in Canva.
  • Chapter 5 - What are Meta tags & how do they work?? Plus, Sarah is sharing her wins for the week and showing them off.
  • Chapter 6 - Coming back to the Meta tags question.
  • Chapter 7 - Accountability kitchen June schedule and an announcement that Ak will close.
  • Chapter 8 - Evaluating Heidi's promoted pins.
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