Accountability Kitchen April 27th

Michelle Felicia

How to change links on pins you've published, evaluating promoted pins, and tweaking landing pages. These were the main conversations on this round of Accountability Kitchen.

  • Chapter 1 - How do you change the link on a pin after you published it on Pinterest?
  • Chapter 2 - How do you draw on other people's screens on zoom? The annotation tool.
  • Chapter 3 - Checking Sarah's conversion ad on Pinterest. Figuring out what the actions are that Pinterest noted on her ad.
  • Chapter 4 - Giving feedback to Sarah's landing page. 
  • Chapter 5 - What do you need to get access to Story Pins?
  • Chapter 6 - What to be aware of when talking about Forex on Pinterest regarding rules and guidelines.
  • Chapter 7 - Following up on SamCart as a Pinterest partner.
  • Chapter 8 - How does Sarah like the flipbook designer she got?
  • Chapter 9 - The importance of following up with customers and helping them use your product/service.
  • Chapter 10 - The overwhelm of being new and where to start.
  • Chapter 11 - What type of ad should you run first on Pinterest?
  • Chapter 12 - Pinterest tag and the changed tracking-blocking because of Apple's new settings.
  • Chapter 13 - Moving the group to MeWe.
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