Accountability Kitchen March 18th

Michelle Felicia

The biggest topic inside this episode is about charging what you're worth. It's so important to charge what you are worth!!! You might feel uncomfortable with charging what you're worth, and we talked about overcoming that as well.

  • Chapter 1 - Paule shares an excellent webinar training.
  • Chapter 2 - Checking up on Heidi's progress with her sales page. Some questions came up about setting up upselling and additional payment options inside SamCart.
  • Chapter 3 - Example of upselling in SamCart (Katrina's funnel).
  • Chapter 4 - What does "down-sell" mean?
  • Chapter 5 - Helping Heidi find a better price to charge.
  • Chapter 6 - Baxter's suggestion on having a layout.
  • Chapter 7 - Checking up on Isabel's sales page.
  • Chapter 8 - Becky shares her fear of selling.
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