Accountability Kitchen February 25th

Michelle Felicia

Talking about Pinterest Presents, an online 1-day event Pinterest is hosting soon. Baxter is sharing how to utilize the power of Google My Business (GMB). 

You can find Baxter's Google My Business course here:

  • Chapter 1 - Pinterest event: 
  • Chapter 2 - Story Pins are not available in all countries. 
  • Chapter 3 - Meeting Raquel. 
  • Chapter 4 - Baxter sharing how to use Google My Business. 
  • Chapter 5 - What is possible with Google My Business. 
  • Chapter 6 - How Baxter got his store at the front of google. 
  • Chapter 7 - Baxter's posting routine and how to post on Google My Business. 
  • Chapter 8 - Keep google from getting mad at you. If you loose your account it is difficult to get it back.
  • Chapter 9 - What a post would look like for a local business. 
  • Chapter 10 - Post showcasing continued.
  • Chapter 11 - How to use the "Photos" feature in Google My Business.
  • Chapter 12 - Setting up messages, services & Products in Google My Business.
  •  Chapter 13 - Google My Business auto-generated website.
  • Chapter 14 - The "Reviews" feature. The importance of getting reviews via Google My Business.
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