Accountability Kitchen February 18th

Michelle Felicia

An authentic conversation about being an entrepreneur, Google My Business, and reviewing a SamCart sales page. And build each other up! ?

  • Chapter 1 - Showcasing a new feature inside your vault. 
  • Chapter 2 - Paule is sharing where she is at. Pivoting, cutting down on tasks, and self-leadership. 
  • Chapter 3 - The power of figuring things out together. The mastermind. 
  • Chapter 4 - The Baxter method. 
  • Chapter 5 - Using Google My Business and Baxter's course. Buy Baxter's GMB course here: 
  • Chapter 6 - reviewing Sarah's sales page for her book. 
  • Chapter 7 - Use Story pins for organic reach. 
  • Chapter 8 - Slack what it is and when to use it. 
  • Chapter 9 - Katrina's accountability for the next week.
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