Accountability Kitchen February 11th

Michelle Felicia

What is your best story? How do you build your brand?

  • Minute: second 00:00 - Intro. 
  • Minute: second 01:35 - Talking about Clubhouse. 
  • Minute: second 07:40 - Does Pinterest recognize images? 
  • Minute: second 09:43 - What does an aspect ratio mean? 
  • Minute: second 12:05 - Is purchasing a domain name specifically for your book a good idea? And what does it take to sell over 1 million copies in a year? 
  • Minute: second 31:11 - Showing Heidi another way to write blog posts on her Thrive themed WordPress site. Plus, some bonus SEO information. 
  • Minute: second 45:44 - Tasty pin plugin. 
  • Minute: second 47:26 - Reviewing Sarah's sales page for her book. 
  • Minute: second 58:40 - Talking simplicity in marketing. 
  • Hour: Minute: second 01:01:40 - Rounding up the session by checking up on everybody's progress. 
  • Hour: Minute: second 01:06:15 - What does it cost to pay someone to write your blog posts? 
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