Accountability Kitchen January 21st

Michelle Felicia

Today we've discussed how you fit different interests and skills into one brand. We talked about how much knowledge we all have that the new surge of people trying to make online needs. Finally, we took time to prepare for the ultimate block challenge and talked about the power of a good calendar notebook.

  • Minutes: seconds 00:18 - How to find your boards on Pinterest, how to clean the boards, and why you want to consider cleaning them. 
  • Minutes: seconds 13:28 - Sarah's new lead magnet and talking about how she can make it part of her brand. 
  • Minutes: seconds 21:44 - What is Clubhouse? Minutes: seconds 25:27 - Why you should just start talking about what you know (YOU KNOW SO MUCH! QUIT SITTING ON IT!) 
  • Minutes: seconds 42:43 - The ultimate blog challenge. How many have signed up for it, and are they doing something to prepare. Felicia is sharing what she did with her keyword search.
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