Accountability Kitchen January 7th

Michelle Felicia

Getting the year started by scheduling some training dates, reviewing a new lead magnet, and reviewing some promoted pins.

  • Minutes: seconds 06:01 - Future webinars to promote for affiliates. 
  • Minutes: seconds 15:09 - The ultimate blog challenge has been changed and what to do with your blog content. 
  • Minutes: seconds 28:22 - Isabel's new lead magnet, "Platform Pitfalls." and this melts into a conversation about the like button for pages disappearing on Facebook. 
  • Minutes: seconds 41:19 - Helping Sarah take action on scheduling her Tailwind training. 
  • Minutes: seconds 50:28 - Reviewing Sarah's promoted pins. 
  • Minutes: seconds 59:44 - Creating an audience on Pinterest from your page visitors for your re-targeting strategy.

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