Accountability Kitchen December 10th

Michelle Felicia

A lot is crammed into this episode of Accountability Kitchen. From business entity to planning to local business.

  • Minutes: seconds 04:58 - Why you need to get pins up on Pinterest right now if you have something to promote. 
  • Minutes: seconds 05:01 - Recommendations for a person who can set up your business entity for you. 
  • Minutes: seconds 13:27 - Conversation around Story Pins and if it has been fully rolled out to everyone in the states yet. 
  • Minutes: seconds 19:10 - Setting up a subdomain and what a subdomain is. 
  • Minutes: seconds 31:10 - What is the ultimate video length for good engagement on social media now? This conversation melts into how you capture people's attention. 
  • Minutes: seconds 54:53 - Business online vs. local. What you can do with your local market. 
  • Hour: minutes: seconds 01:04:23 - Katrina is passing on something important her mentor told her and share her calendar. This melts into a conversation about the importance of planning.
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