Accountability Kitchen December 3rd

Michelle Felicia

Today we talk about what it actually takes to sell affiliate products, and we talk about what knowledge and skills you have that you can turn into your won digital product.

  • Minutes: seconds 00:00 - Reviewing Isabel's ebook in regards to her link structure. 
  • Minutes: seconds 01:45 - Should you delete pages on your website if you're no longer promoting what's on them? 
  • Minutes: seconds 07:42 - Isabel asking Sarah if she offers her ebook free to people who enroll in her team.  
  • Minutes: seconds 11:15 - Reviewing David's AMF landing page tweaks. 
  • Minutes: seconds 17:30 - Reviewing David's Promoted Pins. 
  • Minutes: seconds 27:00 - Katrina is sharing the importance of adding your own bonuses to affiliate products. 
  • Minutes: seconds 49:22 - How to upsell a coaching session when you sell your ebook. 
  • Minutes: seconds 59:20 - Special offer from Sarah to help you create organic results on Pinterest by running your Tailwind.
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