Accountability Kitchen November 12th

Michelle Felicia

We're getting further into the promoted pin process this week. We're also looking at the power of images in regard to creating successful pins.

  • Minutes: seconds 00:52 - Evaluating Felicia's promoted pins and figuring out if she should keep them running. 
  • Minutes: seconds 14:11 - Evaluating Isabel's e-book cover and talking about pin-ideas for her book. 
  • Minutes: seconds 26:05 - Evaluating David's promoted pins and checking out what tweaks he made from last week. 
  • Minutes: seconds 42:34 - Talking about board covers. What they are and how to set them up. 
  • Minutes: seconds 55:00 - Talking about why it's always a great idea to test several images. 
  • Minutes: seconds 57:40 - Taking a look at where Baxter is at with his google my business course and evaluating his pins (both organic and promoted). 
  • Hour: Minutes: seconds 01:23:21 - Evaluating Sarah's promoted pins.
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