Accountability Kitchen October 15th

Michelle Felicia

In today's Accountability Kitchen, we chatted about Pinterest Promoted Pin Campaigns and how to evaluate them to improve your traffic. Diving into how to drive traffic straight to your offer and the benefit of doing that. Felicia and Sarah dazzled us with Video Pins and how to improve them for building an audience.

  • Minutes: seconds 02:20 - Is it too my to be requesting story pins once every day? (link to request story pins if you don't already have them 
  • Minutes: seconds 05:05 - Evaluating Baxter's promoted pins. 
  • Minutes: seconds 21:30 - Why you want to create pins that go directly to your sales page and how to put a Pinterest tracking code on your SamCart pages. 
  • Minutes: seconds 32:00 - Building a list of a hot audience on Pinterest. 
  • Minutes: seconds 36:40 - How long to run a campaign on a low budget before choosing whether to tweak it or kill it. 
  • Minutes: seconds 42:17 - Sarah is sharing her new video and gets an evaluation of its performance. 
  • Minutes: seconds 48:40 - Felicia shares a formula for grabbing your audience's attention regarding your products/services (hooking your audience). 
  • Minutes: seconds 50:02 - Sarah is sharing a video draft and getting feedback. 
  • Minutes: seconds 55:57 - Felicia shares how to combine the free version of with Canva pro to create videos longer than 15 seconds. 
  • Hours: Minutes: seconds 01:02:00  - How long can videos be on Pinterest? 
  • Hours: Minutes: seconds 01:04:40  - Reviewing Sarah's promoted pin.
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