Accountability Kitchen October 8th

Michelle Felicia

Let's talk about Pinterest marketing and how to use Pinterest Pins to grow your business.
Then let's talk money... More specifically, let's talk about Product pricing and knowing your numbers.

  • Minutes: seconds 00:43 - Heidi shares some breakthroughs in understanding how Pinterest works (talking about re-pinning and Tailwind tribes). 
  • Minutes: seconds 10:15 - How Katrina is using Story Pins for local businesses. 
  • Minutes: seconds 14:20 - How to add text to Story Pins. 
  • Minutes: seconds 19:35 - How to apply for early access to using Story Pins and the purpose of a Story Pin -
  • Minutes: seconds 26:44 - How many slides should a Story Pin include. 
  • Minutes: seconds 28:05 - Can you edit a Story Pin after you published it? 
  • Minutes: seconds 33:30 - where to find Story Pins inside the mobile app. 
  • Minutes: seconds 35:00 - How to hyperlink a piece of text inside a PDF lead magnet. 
  • Minutes: seconds 40:13 - How to price your product.
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