Accountability Kitchen September 24th

Michelle Felicia

Business, Branding, Payment Entities, and Pinterest Updates.

  • Minutes: seconds 00:00 - Super quick follow-up on PLR, what to focus on in your marketing, and checking up on what everyone is doing at the moment. 
  • Minutes: seconds 06:50 - Are you allowed to change the cover of a PLR e-book and services that will do that for you (if you want a super professional look). 
  • Minutes: seconds 17:00 - Isabel asking Sarah how many changes she made to her PLR e-book (looking through Sarah's e-book). 
  • Minutes: seconds 34:00 - What to look for when you choose sales pages inside SamCart. 
  • Minutes: seconds 39:12 - What the upsell process looks like in SamCart.  
  • Minutes: seconds 40:00 - Is it possible to accept apple payments with SamCart? 
  • Minutes: seconds 47:20 - New Pinterest updates and how to best use the promoted pins.
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