Accountability Kitchen September 3rd

Michelle Felicia

Getting started with SamCart and how to create your product. Plus, a secret of a launch that you can do with your SamCart page.

  • Minutes: seconds 01:16 - Setting up your Ebook in a few easy steps using and SamCart (sharing Baxter's Ebook process). 
  • Minutes: seconds 20:49 - What should be included in your library if you bought the growth package at SamCart. 
  • Minutes: seconds 22:00 - How to put an offer together in SamCart. 
  • Minutes: seconds 30:00 - The upsell feature in SamCart and how to use it. 
  • Minutes: seconds 33:00 - The funnel feature inside SamCart and how it works. 
  • Minutes: seconds 38:52 - Where do the emails you collect from buyers in SamCart get stored? 
  • Minutes: seconds 40:00 - How to deliver the Ebook (or other digital products). 
  • Minutes: seconds 50:54 - New updates on Pinterest and how to use the new "tried" feature. 
  • Minutes: seconds 53:15 - Can you put the link for your SamCart right into a pin? 
  • Minutes: seconds 57:25 - Checking out Katrina's new product idea (creating a product and selling it on a shoestring budget).
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