Your Business, Your Profit

Michelle Felicia

Hot seat reviews. What's working, what's not working. Developing your brand. Plus, how to sell your products and services with a tool Chef Recommends.

  • Minutes: seconds 00:11 - What should the daily method of operation be on Pinterest? What daily tasks do you need to do when using Pinterest for business? 
  • Minutes: seconds 01:25 - How do you search and find pins to share? 
  • Minutes: seconds 02:32 - Should you start using Tailwind (or other scheduling tools) from the beginning when you start a Pinterest account? 
  • Minutes: seconds 05:00 - Is there a way to see how many people share your pins from the Tailwind Tribes? (the purpose of the Tribes feature). 
  • Minutes: seconds 09:46 - Which is the better way to create story pins: Deliver value to the audience or tell them about yourself and tell them what they will get by following you? 
  • Minutes: seconds 18:38 - Do you have to create a "follow me" button on the story pins, or is it there automatically? 
  • Minutes: seconds 27:46 - How often should you be repinning your own previous pins? (Plus, the group board workaround). 
  • Minutes: seconds 32:57 - How to find relevant group boards. 
  • Minutes: seconds 44:32 - Why you should have a 7$ digital product and how not to make that complicated. 
  • Minutes: seconds 54:05 - Taking a look at Sarah's brand (hot seat).
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