Celebrations! Mindset — What Business Are You In?

Michelle Felicia

Today's Accountability Kitchen kicks off with celebrating Felicia! Then we dive into the business we are in and how to profit with Pinterest.

  • Minutes: seconds 00:00 - Felicia reveals who asked her to do a video pin training for their community. 
  • Minutes: seconds 05:10 - Following up on last week's task to figure out what you want to be known for. What was the assignment? 
  • Minutes: seconds 12:26 - Following Is it still possible to promote Katrina's courses as an affiliate, and have the links changed? 
  • Minutes: seconds 16:10 - Introduction to how using Samcarts can reduce some of the more technical funnel building. 
  • Minutes: seconds 29:24 - Which type of promoted pin would be better to run for brand awareness, brand awareness campaign, or traffic campaign? 
  • Minutes: seconds 33:08 - Which Brainstorming great ideas for effective use of video inside a Story pin. 
  • Minutes: seconds 45:48 - Why tagging is key and what tagging means on Pinterest.
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