Promoted Pin Guidelines and regulations

Michelle Felicia

What to do when your ad is not approved, what does the appeal process look like, and the importance of staying up to date with the ad guidelines.

  • Minutes: seconds 00:00 - Why Deb's promoted pin keeps getting denied, what to do when promoted pins get rejected, and promoted pin guidelines. 
  • Minutes: seconds 14:57 - Do the guidelines apply only to promoted pins or all pins in general? 
  • Minutes: seconds 23:43 - Are there guidelines for the organic pins. 
  • Minutes: seconds 25:40 - How to take a picture or video that's saved on your computer and put it into Canva. 
  • Minutes: seconds 30:27 - How do you know if you have the possibility to create story pin? (a new feature that is rolling out). 
  • Minutes: seconds 31:32 - Canva animation. 
  • Minutes: seconds 36:30 - How a story pin work and what's possible with story pins.
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