Master Class June 3rd

Michelle Felicia

Changes to Pinterest. Power of Tailwind. Adding conversion tags. Promoted Pin Review.

  • Minutes: seconds 00:00 - What's new with Pinterest. 
  • Minutes: seconds 05:01 - How to understand the numbers inside the analytics overview. 
  • Minutes: seconds 09:22 - Sarah sharing very useful Tailwind discovery. 
  • Minutes: seconds 16:10 - Pinterest improvement in the use of ad budget. 
  • Minutes: seconds 20:50 - Evaluating Dawn's promoted pin, installing event code on her landing page, and course of action. 
  • Minutes: seconds 43:15 - Can a hemp/CBD oil video pin become a promoted pin? 
  • Minutes: seconds 48:19 - Why you want to make sure to name all your images correctly (SEO hack). 
  • Minutes: seconds 01:19:50 - Sarah is sharing her new video pin.
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