Promoted Pin Strategies, Re-targeting, and Reviews

Michelle Felicia

Inside this master class, we're talking about new updates to Pinterest and the impact they will have on your Pinterest strategy. We're also talking about what a good re-targeting strategy looks like for promoted pins and how to evaluate keyword performance.

  • Minutes: seconds 00:00 - What are people looking for when they come to Pinterest. The Latest new updates to the Pinterest platform and what impact they will have on your Pinterest strategy. 
  • Minutes: seconds 22:07 - Do boards play a role in how well an ad is performing? 
  • Minutes: seconds 25:43 - Evaluating Dawn's ad metrics and evaluating how it's performing. 
  • Minutes: seconds 38:16 - What are the most important metrics to look for when evaluating ad performance. 
  • Minutes: seconds 46:26 - Talking about the best way to put together a re-targeting strategy with video pins and a quiz. 
  • Minutes: seconds 57:27 - How many followers do you need before you start running ads? 
  • Minutes: seconds 59:25 - Using Pinterest's new feature test events and understand what "enhanced match" does. 
  • Hours: minutes: seconds 01:06:06 - Pinterest tag helper chrome extension. 
  • Hours: minutes: seconds 01:07:57 - How big should a custom audience be before you start to target them? 
  • Hours: minutes: seconds 01:10:52 - What does the long term ad strategy look like. 
  • Hours: minutes: seconds 01:14:12 - Reviewing Becky's video pin.
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