Promoted Pin Strategy & Tracking

Michelle Felicia

Promoted Pin & Targeting. Pin Reviews!! So many awesome pins getting created! Adding Conversion tags. A Must Watch!

  • Minutes: seconds 00:00 - How to find relevant keywords and key phrases when setting up a promoted pin.
  • Minutes: seconds 19:05 - How to promote an existing pin (the whole process step by step).
  • Minutes: seconds 31:00 - Reviewing Isabel's YouTube video pin.
  • Minutes: seconds 42:19 - Reviewing Sarah's product pins.
  • Minutes: seconds 52:25 - Does Pinterest allow things like "special pricing this month" or is that also considered urgency? Talking about the new date feature on the boards.
  • Minutes: seconds 59:08 - How to use Katrina's keyword spreadsheet.
  • Hour: minutes: seconds 01:00:10 - What does it mean to embed a pin and how to install your tag.
  • Hour: minutes: seconds 01:11:32 - When does Pinterest consider a pin new?
  • Hour: minutes: seconds 01:13:09 - What is "the verified merchant program" and reviewing Ynge's pins.
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