Master Class Bonus

Michelle Felicia

How to gain exposure for your pins using group board and Tailwind.
Review your Pins for success!

  • A new fantastic tool to search for relevant collaboration boards. How to use collaboration boards and why they are so important for you. - minutes: seconds 00:00.
  • Why creating covers for your boards is so important - minutes: seconds 19:50.
  • How to pin to collaboration boards from Tailwind - minutes: seconds 29:44.
  • A new important update to Pinterest that makes it even more important to share your pins on Tuesdays when I share the "pin lovin'" post inside the Facebook group - minutes: seconds 32:30.
  •  If you have several different products should you have several different Pinterest accounts, or is it ok to use one account to pin about all the products? - minutes: seconds 37:05.
  • What requirements are there before you can start promoting pins and what to be aware of in terms of the call to actions on pins - minutes: seconds 45:45.
  • How to change pin descriptions inside Tailwind once you've scheduled the pins - minutes: seconds 59:44.
  • Can you pin recorded talking head videos to Pinterest? - hour: minutes: seconds 1:07:07.
  • Reviewing Becky's pin - hours: minutes: seconds 1:12:38. 
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