Pinterest Pin Strategy & Growth

Michelle Felicia

Let's talk about Pin strategies to grow your pin awareness on Pinterest. How to use our community and resources to create engagement and support around your business and pins!

  • What's happing on Pinterest right now - minutes: seconds 00:00.
  • How to affiliate for Tailwind via share a sale so you get paid commission rather than just receiving a discount on your own subscription - minutes: seconds 21:45.
  • When you have your own product is it beneficial to open accounts on several online shops or should you stick with your own website? - minutes: seconds 32:33.
  • What calls to actions to use on pins that leads directly to a sales or registration page (and what not to do) - minutes: seconds 33:53.
  • Does cleaning up your boards and deleting old pins increase your overall traffic? - minutes: seconds 38:45.
  • How to find your Pinterest profile link and how to share a pin to Facebook - minutes: seconds 50:24.
  • How to delete your automatic RSS feed share on Pinterest (if you've set that up) and what is an RSS feed - minutes: seconds 56:55.
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