The Blog & Easy to Swipe Content

Michelle Felicia

You're gonna love this weeks training. As we dive into blogging, pins, and 1900 pieces of content you can swipe and use as your own. This is fabulous training!

  • How RSS Feed Works - minutes: second 00:00.
  • WordPress blog post editing fixing a gap between image and text - minutes: second 1:21.
  • How is the best practice for split testing on Pinterest ads and evaluating Sarah's best pins - minute: second 10:29.
  • Custome audiences and actalike audiences - minute: second 22:56.
  • Figure out what people are searching for so you can serve them - minute: second 32:50.
  • Katrina shares how she is leveraging the COVID-19 lockdown - minute: second 50:38.
  • Katrina and Baxter are sharing a source of swipe documents. Ebooks, articles, lead magnets, etc. - hour: minute: second 01:06:24.
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