Tailwind, Blogging Secret, Grow & Profit

Michelle Felicia

We talk about how to keep business moving. The importance of adding pins and directing people to content.
 - Blogging Zero Click Secret.
 - How to stay productive.
 - The Power of Tailwind & Automation.

  • What can you do right now, how can you show up in this time of need - minute 00:00.
  • How to keep putting new pins on Pinterest, with minimum work - minute: second 14:00.
  • Will the reach be affected if you use Tailwind to post your pins as opposed to posting directly on Pinterest? - minute: second 16:07.
  • Benefits of using Tailwind. Walkthrough of Tailwind features. - minute: second 17:08.
  • Can you create a Pin inside Tailwind? - minute: second 35:00.
  • Tailwind automated time slots and how many times to post per day- minute: second 36:20.
  • Can you schedule with Tailwind if you have the unpaid version? - minute: second 44:50. Katrina's affiliate link that gives you 1 month for free.
  • Blogging. Do you have to send pins to blog posts or can you pin it to somewhere else (continues after the next question) - minute: second 49:55.
  • How to get the transcript from your videos fast and easy. Rev.com - minute: second 53:18 
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