Master Class Feb. 5th, 8pm

Michelle Felicia

Baxter takes over the call and shows you his ad process on a successful pin promotion he is currently running.

  • How Baxter managed to create congruence from pin to capture page - minute 13:24.
  • Can you lead straight to a capture page and a download? - minute 17:15.
  • What is a "phrase match"? - minute 22:10.
  • New bidding feature inside Pinterest ads manager - minute 27:24.
  • Does Pinterest have automatic placements (ad question) followed by a conversation of what you can target for - minute 30:35.
  • What was the difference between the two pins Baxter tested - minute 37:45.
  • What pins are easier to read, what do you want to consider when creating a pin - minute 39:02.
  • How do you create a pin every day? and do you have to? - minute 50:00.
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