Master Class Feb. 5th, 3pm

Michelle Felicia
  • Isabel sharing the ease of using for video creation - minutes 01:46
  • Why it takes up to 24 hours for video pins to show on Pinterest and who can upload videos to Pinterest - minutes 07:44
  • New bid feature when creating promoted pins - minutes 17:07
  • The purpose of advertising - minutes 20:55
  • What is the best length for a video pin - minutes 32:07
  • How does it work launching a pin that links to a YouTube video? - minutes 34:54
  • The great benefit of collaboration boards - minutes 40:32
  • The easiest, fastest way to create a course of training videos. No membership site needed.- minutes 48:10
  • Can you link a pin to content that the viewer only has access to if they opt-in right when they land on that link (a hard wall)? - minutes 52:29
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