Accountability Kitchen April 15th

Michelle Felicia

Pinterest creator code reviewed. Promoted Pin campaign reviewed. Copywriting 101

  • Chapter 1 - Checking up on Heidi (keeping her accountable).
  • Chapter 2 - Sharing wins amongst the group.
  • Chapter 3 - Pinterest compliance regarding to replicated sites. Are you allowed to send traffic to a replicated site?
  • Chapter 4 - Continuing sharing wins.
  • Chapter 5 - What it would take to create a checkout page. Utilizing SamCart vs. creating a checkout page on your site.
  • Chapter 6 - Pinterest launched "the Creator Code."
  • Chapter 7 - Evaluating Deb's promoted pin.
  • Chapter 8 - The importance of your sales page. The difference between what is needed on sales pages made for warm market and cold market. Giving feedback to Deb's sales page.
  • Chapter 9 - Sarah sharing her experience hiring a copywriter.
  • Chapter 10 - Sarah sharing her experience hiring a copywriter. Where did she find the copywriter, and what did they need from her.
  • Chapter 11 - Giving Sarah feedback on her copy.
  • Chapter 12 - Book recommendation: The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan S. Kennedy. Talking about what's inside the book and what you'll learn when you read it.
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