Accountability Kitchen January 28th

Michelle Felicia

A couple of Tailwind Questions came up. Changes are happening to the promoted pins that we all need to pay attention to and make small adjustments accordingly. AND we got to learn about Katrina's big yacht vision.

  • Minutes: seconds 00:10 - Talking about the new Promoted Pin metrics. This is important info, especially if you have ads running that was launched before the metric update. 
  • Minutes: seconds 12:04 - Have the affiliate links changed for Katrina's courses? And how to access your affiliate links. 
  • Minutes: seconds 18:35 - Checking if Deborah's referring link for YEP is working correctly. 
  • Minutes: seconds 24:25 - How to share a pin to a tribe in Tailwind and how many tribes you can be part of. 
  • Minutes: seconds 28:29 - Update to the newest addition to the Pinterest course. 
  • Minutes: seconds 29:49 - Checking up on Isabel's progress on her e-book. 
  • Minutes: seconds 40:32 - Reviewing Sarah's update to her walking guide
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