Accountability Kitchen January 14th

Michelle Felicia

What does the future of Social Media look like for entrepreneurs? How will we navigate the new platforms, and where do you want to be? Plus, an inside look at retargeting and how to create pins for that. We end the conversation with a follow your passion battle cry. Don't do something for the money, do something that you are passionate about that makes you money.

  • Minutes: seconds 01:30 - Becky asks Katrina what she will do with Facebook going forward. It turns into a conversation about where social - and search-media is going in the near future. 
  • Minutes: seconds 25:45 - Reviewing some new pins Sarah created for a retargeting campaign. 
  • Minutes: seconds 30:28 - Helping Felicia finish answering her self-discovery questions from the Accountability Kitchen on December 31st. 
  • Minutes: seconds 39:55 - Helping David figure out whether he should continue promoting EMP and, if not, what he should promote instead. 
  • Minutes: seconds 58:30 - A suggestion for how you could quickly get started with an information-product.
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