Accountability Kitchen December 17th

Michelle Felicia

This episode is a very fluid conversation about when to end promoted pins, changing lanes, and what you should be promoting.

  • Minutes: seconds 00:47 - David is asking what kind of click to lead ratio others are getting on promoted pins (reviewing David's promoted pins). 
  • Minutes: seconds 34:30 - Isabel is sharing her story within Network Marketing. 
  • Minutes: seconds 51:11 - Katrina's notes on Isabel's new ebook after having read it. 
  • Hours: minutes: seconds 01.04:02 - Katrina's recommendation for what to do with the rest of 2020 and thoughts on what you should get paid. 
  • Hours: minutes: seconds 01.09:23 - Becky asks the group for advice on talking her upline into staying with her NWM company.
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