Accountability Kitchen October 22nd

Michelle Felicia

Update: Clarity around pricing and some entrepreneur tax talk.

From Video Pins to Shopping Pins, here is the feedback for how to improve. Thank you, Sarah and Felicia, for sharing your pins with us!

Next week we are going to talk about retargeting and time-sensitive board. Join us for our next Accountability Kitchen.

  • Minutes: seconds 00:35 - A correction regarding product pricing discussed in the previous episode of Accountability Kitchen. We are also discussing what business typically looks like during the first couple of years. 
  • Minutes: seconds 18:12 - A Reviewing and giving feedback to pin design suggestions Felicia made for clothing products and discussing how to sell clothes on Pinterest. 
  • Minutes: seconds 35:46 - How does the time limit work on Boards? 
  • Minutes: seconds 43:00 - Katrina shares the highlights from a call she had with a Pinterest ads manager (from Pinterest). She shares insights about best practices for promoting pins at the moment. 
  • Minutes: seconds 48:29 - How do you create a retargeting campaign between Pinterest and Facebook? 
  • Minutes: seconds 51:08 - Reviewing Sarah's new video and using her video metrics to evaluate its performance. 
  • Hours: Minutes: seconds 01:20:51 - Discussing Sarah's lead magnet name and the importance of it.
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