Tailwind For Automation

Michelle Felicia

From why a Pin would be denied after being live as a promoted pin. To how to use Tailwind to automate your business.

  • Why would Pinterest shot down a promoted pin that has been running for some time? Evaluating on their comment. Especially important to watch if you are hosting your own site as Chef is covering what legal you need to have in place for your site - minute 00:01.
  • Is it better to send people to a blog from your pin rather than directly to a capture page? - minute 20:35.
  • What is tailwind? Karin and Sarah are sharing their experience with the tool and how it saves them time. Link to Tailwind video guide HERE - minute 25:55. 
  • How to connect Tailwind to your google analytics - minute 40:34.
  • How can you rank to show up as number 1 in the relevant searches? - minute 55:05.
  • Should I have a thumbnail on my video pin? and how to put one on. - hour 01:17:02.
  • Download Pinterest's list of most searched words HERE
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